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Urban Veggies was launched in 2015, conceptualised by a passionate dreamer working on system designs. We have gone from strength to strength because of our sincere love, passion for growing and hard work.  These qualities enable us to fully satisfy our customers’ needs with our high quality, attractive organic products and excellent service.  We have developed three systems that will make anyone feel like a veggie gardener,

We have perfected our systems to grow with minimal effort, consuming the lowest possible amount of time, saving water and producing fresh, organic veggies.


The vision we have for the future of veggie growing is simple.  We want every household – from  a flat on the 13th floor to outside the kitchen window of any urban home – to have access to healthy, fresh, organic, homegrown veggies that require minimal upkeep.

Having fresh, organic, minimal effort greens all year round is based on a simple premise.  Our systems are designed to save water by recycling the water and nutrients in the water.  In addition, the speed of plant growth is faster in hydrophonics,  All nutrients used are organic which is beneficial to your health and the plants’ health.  Better tasting, better quality vegetables, as with all veggies, may require a little more time to reach maturity, but if planted in the correct cycle, you are guaranteed a sustainable crop of high quality, tasty greens.

Featured Products

Herb planter



The herb planter is a 6 plant grow system that is free standing ready to add water, plug and plant.

Details of herb planter kit
1 herb planter
2 grow pots x 6
3 rockwool x 6
4 nutrients x3 and measure x 1
5 seasonal seed pack x 1
1 Pump

Price R1235 exl postage


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UV 1 and UV 2

urbanveggies-uv urbanveggies-uv2


The UV systems are mounted systems that grow 12 plants UV 1 or 24 plants UV 2
These systems required a little bit of diy knowledge to set up,
In the box
1 UV system
2 netpots x 12 or 24
3 rockwool x 12 or 24
4 nutrients and measure
5 seasonal seeds
6 brackets
7 PVC cement
1 Pump

Weight per box 12kg price UV 1 R 1850 exl postage

Weight per box 20kg price UV 2 R2450 exl postage

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